Golfvakantie in Duitsland

golfen in Duitsland

golfen in Duitsland

Golf Holiday in Germany


Golf Holidays in Germany and even more specifically golf vacations in the Sauerland, have become increasingly
The direction to the golfcourse
popular over the last couple of years.

Golf is a rapidly growing sport, with practitioners in all age groups. As a result, there is an
increasing offer of golf holidays and golf trips.
Quite often these golftrips are to the warm and exotic places, leaving these golf vacations not only
with a large price tag, but also to a golftrip where the program for the entire vacation has been
determined in advance.

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Playing Golf in Germany
On a less far distance you can also have a nice and
affordable golf vacation: in Germany.

At this moment, there are in Germany 877 registrated
Golfcourses, both 9-holes as well as 18-holes courses.

Depending on your preferences you can choose from
rather flat golfcourses, to golf courses with extremely
high differences in altitude levels, and everything
which comes in between.
Of the course on which I have done my rounds and of
which I thought it to be of additional value, I have
added an elevation profile on the webpage.

Due to the fact that there is in Germany a large number
of good and affordable facilities for overnight staying,
you can have a high degree of flexibility in the planning
of your golf holiday.
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You do not need to stay in one place
but you can also perform some kind of
a golf tour.
We do have a part of the overnight stay possibilities for golfpayers grouped into regions and also entered them into an interactive maps.

It is in Germany not unusual to play golf by using discount coupons. Every year a number of books, containing these coupons, are released.

Even he German golf association, the DGV, itself releases yearly such a book, containing couposn for over 200 golfcourses.

On another page, we have listed a growing number of golf related facts.

As somekind of a bonus, we have added a blog about playing golfing Germany, on which we enter regularly news, offers and things like that, but where you can place you remarks or to ask questions to your fellow golfers.

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